Urgent Care/ER

The public wants to know that their access to high-quality care is still available when they need it. But their next concern will be for their own safety when they enter your clinic.

Current CDC guidelines suggest that outpatient clinics can maximize safety by:

  • Asking patients to call before they leave home so staff are ready to receive them using appropriate infection control practices
  • Placing signs providing instructions on hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene (including masks), and cough etiquette
  • Setting up waiting rooms to keep patients at least 6 feet apart. Or using partitions to create designated areas
  • Asking patients to remain outside until they are called for their appointment

Once you and your medical staff have formalized the safety protocols for your clinic, make sure your marketing team highlights them on your website and in your social media messages.  Critical care for your business at this time will translate to conveying the steps you have taken to assure patients you are still there for them and they will be safe when they come to you for the care they need.

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