Bryan Williams
Bryan Williams is the President and CEO at My KPI Marketing, he is the brains and backbone behind My KPI. Bryan built My KPI from the ground up and although it wasn’t easy, he always kept on pushing forward. While building this now successful company he faced a lot of trial and error, but that never stopped him from pursuing his goal of building a top-notch Patient Acquisition Company to help and educate his clients in any way possible. What sets Bryan apart from his competitors is that he is hands-on and loves to teach his clients about what we are doing and most importantly why we are doing it!
Prior to building My KPI, Bryan worked for one of the biggest advertising companies in the United States. With over 10 years of experience, he has created and ran countless successful campaigns. Bryan’s proficiency and knowledge in patient acquisition has set the new standard for the industry. His Idea for My KPI came about, after he noticed the flaws in corporate America. One of the major flaws he noticed was that they prefer to put quantity over quality. Since then, Bryan’s intentions have always been to put his clients first and always provide quality over quantity. Bryan has had many successes in his career, but one of his most recent accomplishments is that he was recognized and chosen by Forbes to be a member of their technology council. When Bryan is out of the office, he enjoys playing with his yellow lab. When he has time off which is rare, you can find him down by the water on his boat. Some of his favorite things include, meditating, working out, reading, and fishing. Lastly, Bryan is extremely big on personal development. He believes that if you are not consistently growing, you’re going backwards. This goes for both his personal life and his professional life.

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