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Pain doesn’t care about unusual events like a pandemic. Your clients need your help when the pain overwhelms them, no matter what. Marketing for an orthopedics practice has to continue; in fact, it’s even more important now. 

Keeping your clinic ready to help those patients means you and your staff must change the way you operate on a daily basis. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Assess your current clients for their risk-factor for COVID-19.
  • Use virtual screening before making any appointments.
  • Make appointments only for those clients who need help quickly.
  • Have a staff member at the door to pre-screen.
  • Clients who are able may wait in their vehicles until their appointment time.
  • Set aside a separate waiting area for those who must wait inside.
  • Provide masks, tissue, wipes, etc to those who need them.
  • Use social distancing in all areas of the practice.
  • No visitors in the clinic.
  • Alert local health officials when necessary for clients with symptoms of COVID.

 By taking these measures and then publicizing them on your website and social media, you can continue to provide help to your patients who simply cannot wait. They will know they will be safe in your clinic and you can stay in business.

Ask My KPI for marketing assistance if you need it.

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